In football, the slot is a position where a player stands off the line a couple feet. This allows them to get a step or two before the CB covering them and gives them a chance to gain 8-15 yards before getting grabbed by the cornerback. It is a very important position for teams who want to make it hard for the corners to cover them and get a good field position. The best players for this position are quicker guys and shifty players who can make defenders miss.

Integer Indexed Slots

A special type of table slot, the integer indexed slot is used to store values for a single run index. This allows the slot to be edited directly from the RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) and shown on a System Control Table (SCT). This is functionally equivalent to an ordinary series slot when used in Iterative MRM mode.

Unlike series slots, which can have either text or numeric column headings, periodic slots can be configured to interpolate or look up based on their date configuration. In RPL, a reference to a periodic slot will include the column headers: Slot[DateTime>,DateTime>].

Like regular series slots, they can be undocked from the viewer and displayed in their own Slot dialog. They also have the option to be docked back onto the viewer with a button/menu item in the slot dialog. This enables the user to quickly get back to a Slot Viewer that may have been minimized or hidden.

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